Welcome to “School of Sustainability Management"

The Korean economy is in a period of transition as it moves from “growth-oriented development” to “sustainable growth”. Amid such transition, there are intensifying efforts for “sustainable management” which connects economic activities with social and ethical issues, in the name of corporate ethical management, social contribution and social responsibility. Against this backdrop, the Sustainability Management School opened in September 2007 with an educational mandate to provide learners, mainly university students, with programs on economics and business administration befitting this era of sustainable management.
The Sustainability Management School aspires to introduce a standard which enables university students to have the kind of balanced view needed to be able to examine and practice sustainable management. An expert network comprised of academics, NGOs and company employees who work in this area is involved in preparing a refined educational program which offers six lecture sessions a year, targeting university (graduate) students, employees and the general public. The Sustainability Management School will help the corporation to develop the kind of talented human resources necessary for sustainable management and, at the same time, improve its corporate image among those who are about to start a career.