Asia CSR Expert Committee (Mr. JU, Chul-ki, Chair), comprised of 10 South Korean, Chinese and Japanese experts, announced the top 30 CSR performers, ‘East Asia 30 2011’ from the three tigers of Asia on October 24th, 2011.

Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute executed the evaluations.

The top 30 performers selected as ‘East Asia 30 2011’ have satisfied the extensive evaluation standards and have met the strengthened negative screening standards. They live up to their reputation for being socially responsible corporations.

‘East Asia 30 2011’ include Hynix Semiconductor Inc. from Korea; China Mobile from China; and Fujifilm Holdings from Japan. By country, 20 out of 30 corporations are Japanese while China and Korea both account for 5 corporations each.

The Committee also announced the evaluation results of “East Asia Environment 30”, top 30 corporations with the most environment-friendly management; “East Asia Society 30”, 30 companies that have taken outstanding responsibilities in health and safety, labor and social contribution; and “East Asia Governance 30”, 30 companies with the most transparency. Additional announcements include the top 30 CSR companies by countries - Korea CSR 30, China CSR 30, and Japan CSR 30.

The Chair of the Asia CSR Expert Committee (the Secretary General of UN Global Compact Korea), Chul-ki Ju, claimed, ‘The evaluation methods and process have been greatly improved. They are more comprehensive and integrative than those of last year. The improved evaluation methods will be a blueprint for establishing the global standards for CSR management”. Yang Bin, a professor at Tsinghua University, remarked that “This evaluation will motivate the Chinese companies to implement CSR management in conjunction with the global atmosphere”. Meanwhile, Ebashi Dakashi, a professor at Hosei University, noted on the strictness of the evaluation. ‘Japanese companies in the electricity sector were excluded from the selection. The selection standards were strict and viable’, he said. 

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