[HERI Report No. 14] Policy juggling

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Policy juggling
the economy, welfare, fiscal balancing

Survey about the perception of local representatives 

“Being determines consciousness.” However, it is “determination” and “strength” that allow a man to overcome the many challenges and limits imposed on him. This is even truer of those in leadership posi-tions. Leaders‟ determination and strength can not only change themselves but also the communities to which they belong. If the goal is to make the best of the status quo, promoting a competent government official to a leadership position in the local government would produce the desired outcome. However, instead, it is left up to the pubic to decide who is best suited to lead their government. This system leaves the leadership positions open to anyone - be they public officials, social activists or village patriarchs. The public cast their votes to elect leaders who can rise above challenges to venture into new possibilities. With the public‟s support, the leaders are then expected to bring them positive changes. 

During the campaign for the Fifth Local Government Election, candidates for the local elections must have affirmed their commitment to reach out and work closely with local residents to promote a better livelihood for them all. They must all have stayed up late into the night carrying the heavy burden of vot-ers‟ expectations on their shoulders, rather than wallowing in self-pride and confidence that they deserved an election victory.

Assuming that this is the case, it is time to ask whether local representatives know what they must do and how they are going to achieve it. This question led HERI to study the perception and attitude of municipal and provincial government heads (excluding mayors at the Gu1 level) elected by the Fifth Popular Vote. Our research left us with both high expectations and worrying reservations
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