Statement on Japan Earthquake from Asia CSR Experts

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Statement on Japan Earthquake from Asia CSR Experts

East Asian Enterprises should Stand up to Help Japan

We at Asia CSR Expert Committee would like to express the deepest sorrow at the tragic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster which occurred in Japan on and after March 11, 2011. As CSR experts from China, Japan, and Korea, we strongly urge the following to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) enterprises.

First, CJK enterprises should deeply understand that this disaster can cause serious economic, social and environmental impact not only to Japan but also to the broader East Asian communities including China and Korea.

Second, CJK enterprises should support any recovery efforts of Japanese society with every possible human/material resource within their capacities, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Third, CJK enterprises, during and after Japan recovering from this disaster, should keep strengthening their actions for corporate social responsibility in the Asian context.


March 16, 2011


Asia CSR Expert Committee

Chair             JU Chul Ki (Secretary General, Global Compact Korea Network) 
China Experts GUO Peiyuan (General Manager, SynTao-Sustainability Solutions)

YANG Bin (Professor, Tsinghua University)

CUI Dapeng (Secretary General, Chinese Society on Sustainability Development)

Japan Experts GOTO Toshihiko (Chair, Environmental Auditing Research Group)
EBASHI Takashi (Professor, Hosei University)
FUJII Toshihiko (Consulting fellow, REITI)

Korea Experts  PARK Ki-Chan (Professor, Inha University)
YANG Choon-Seung (Executive Chair, KOSIF)
LEE Young-Myon (Professor, Dongguk University)

Lead Organizer          LEE Won-Jae (President, HERI)




About Asia CSR Expert Committee


Asia CSR Expert Committee composes of corporate social responsibility experts from CJK and each national team includes 3 experts; the total number of the committee members is ten including a chair. The Committee is hosted & organized by HERI (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute).

The Asia CSR Expert Committee has created a CSR evaluation model which incorporated global CSR standards and the Asian context in a balanced way. Every year, The Committee selects ‘East Asia 30’, a list of 30 best companies in terms of CSR from China, Japan, and Korea. It is expected that this effort will help greatly raise awareness of CSR in East Asia.


About HERI (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute)

Since its foundation in 2007, HERI has conducted research on sustainable growth, social enterprises and non-profit management. In its quest to share research results with society, HERI has continued to be engaged in such areas as research, consulting, education, and publishing. HERI works with corporations in pursuit of corporate social responsibility, experts striving to create a sustainable society, social enterprises determined to resolve social issues in an innovative way.

Recently, HERI is striving towards organizing joint efforts of East Asian countries to achieve sustainable development in the region, through Asia Future Forum and East Asia 30.

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