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Global CSR Conference attendees say it is time for a Korean SRI 

EIRIS President underscores SRI’s use for attracting foreign investors, and Presidential Council Head says it falls in line with administration’s warm market economy approach 

“The time has come to create a Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) index for South Korea.” 

The participants of the ‘2009 Global CSR Conference’ held at the Seoul City Club located in Yeouido hosted by Hankyoreh on Dec.16 came to the unanimous conclusion on the necessity of creating a South Korean SRI index that analyzes Socially Responsible Management (SRM) processes and links it with investment. 

Peter Webster, president of the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS) based in the U.K. said, “I think more foreign investment would rush into South Korea now that it has became an advanced country.” He added, “Foreign investors pay attention to SRM.” EIRIS provided the criteria for the 1st CSR Award given by the Hankyoreh Economic Institute (HERI), an institute affiliated with the Hankyoreh and KOCSR, a South Korean research institute on corporate social responsibility. 

Cho Chung-chul, president of KOCSR, said, “Many countries have created their own SRI index, for example, Australia created its own SRI index in 2001, and South Africa in 2003.” He concluded, “The time has come to create a South Korean SRI index.” 
Ko Kwang-heon, president of the Hankyoreh, said in his congratulatory speech, “The Hankyoreh will make active efforts towards introducing an SRI index that analyzes SRM.” He added, “This conference could represent the starting point.” 

Kwak Seung-jun, head of the Presidential Council for National Future and Vision who participated in the conference as a government representative, said, “Companies should create conditions that promote a responsibility to helping the weak that falls in line with becoming a competitive powerhouse.” He added, “Although the Lee Myung-bak government has pursued a market economy approach, it is a warm one where we take care of each other.” 

Following the conference, POSCO, KOGAS, and Korean Telecom were among the first Global CSR award winners. 

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