HERI is a think tank for a responsible market economy.

The global economy is under a major shift. The major theme of the economy is shifting from ‘market fundamentalism’ to ‘sustainable development’. Major goals of corporations are moving from ‘profit maximization’ to ‘corporate social responsibility’.

HERI (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute) is a Seoul-based think tank to research a new economic paradigm to overcome market fundamentalism.

Since its foundation in 2007, HERI has conducted research on sustainable development. HERI’s fields of research include research on corporate social responsibility (CSR), education on sustainable development (ESD), socially responsible investment (SRI), social enterprises, media, East Asian economic community, and policymaking ecosystems.

HERI works with the central and local governments, corporations, and civil society organizations including foundations, NGOs, and NPOs.

HERI publishes its research outcome in the forms of research reports (posted on the web), international forums (Asia Future Forum), educational programs (MBA for Social Entrepreneurs), and consulting service (sustainability report advisory).

HERI is very open to international collaboration. HERI is already firmed networked with CSR and sustainability researchers in China, Japan and Korea. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest in international collaboration for sustainable development.